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About Bewellteachwell and the purpose of this site:


The aim of BeWellTeachWell is in the name really. We believe that there is a link between a teacher’s wellbeing and educational outcomes. The better a teacher feels physically and mentally, the better they will be able to teach. 


The idea for BeWellTeachWell was conceived after Education Support Partnership (formerly Teacher Support Network) conducted a series of focus groups with teachers from across England. The research revealed that there was genuinely a need for a friendly, comforting, clear, quick and easy-to-read online tool, which could help teachers themselves overcome five key challenges commonly faced by the profession. These challenges were defined as:

1.       poor behaviour

2.       heavy workload

3.       poor relationships with colleagues

4.       strained work-life balance

5.       difficult personal life events

The research also made clear that the tool should be made available to all teaching staff at any stage of their career, working at any level from early years to further education.


Each of the key challenges: behaviour, workload, relationships with colleagues, work-life balance, personal life events, has been turned into a separate section of BeWellTeachWell. These five sections include clear information, guidance and techniques on how to deal with that specific challenge.  There is also a link to a self-help interactive programme e-couch.  

E-couch provides evidence-based information about emotional problems (what causes them, how to prevent them and how to treat them), exercises to help you understand yourself better as well as strategies and tools that might help improve your life.

E-couch has modules for:

  • depression
  • generalised anxiety and worry
  • social anxiety
  • relationship breakdown
  •  loss and grief


BeWellTeachWell was developed by

Education Support Partnership formerly known as Teacher Support Network (TSN)

Centre for Mental Health Research (CMHR) at the Australian National University (ANU)

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